Thursday, September 25, 2008

The End of a Long Season!

Phew...I can hardly believe that I am five days away from getting on a plane WITH my wife and daughter to come home to our family and friends! Jessi and I were talking about it yesterday and saying how it is such an amazing moment to be in for two major reasons. The first, and most obvious reason, is that we can hardly wait to show off our little girl to all of you who have prayed and waited with us for this adoption to go through. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the prayer and encouragement you gave to us through this journey. I know things came through because all of you were interceding on our behalf.

The second reason is because this is the first time we aren't excited to go home because we need a break from our ministry here in Zambia. We actually are thrilled about what we are doing and when the time comes in January I know we will be thrilled to get on that plane and dive back into what God has called us to do in Africa. It really is amazing to be doing something you love and that you know you are called to by God with your family. I thank God every day for this opportunity. I guess I am writing this because I want you guys to know that in the midst of the trials, in the midst of lack of water and lack of electricity and everything else that we deal with here...we are truly happy beyond belief. I am actually battling through the final stages of malaria as I write this and I honestly am willing to deal with these stupid mosquitoes if it means that I get to keep this joy in our work here.

The Bible tells us in Prov. 3:5 "Trust the Lord with all of your heart and LEAN NOT on your own understanding. Acknowledge God in all of your ways and He will make your paths straight."

Let us remember that when God leads us to do difficult things that we should not shrink back when the fiery trial comes at us. That is the very time for us to pull up our boot straps, run towards the storm and KNOW that God is holding our hearts and He will sustain us as He has called us.

We cannot wait to see you ALL when we get home on October 31st. We will be staying with my family (Norm and Jeannie) while we are home so if you need/want to get a hold of us you can call at (304)737-1415.

We love you all and will be seeing you soon.