Monday, October 12, 2009

Really? Two MONTHS?

How did that go so fast? I'm telling you, I don't think about blogging for a week and it turns into a century.

Here's an update about what we've been up to since we've been home:

Gettin' smart at preschool.

Gettin' full from yummy American food!

Gettin' wet at the Children's Museum.

Gettin' a ride from Pappy George.

Gettin' pretty with Uncle C. at homecoming.

Gettin' friendly with our new pet bunny.

Gettin' more and more preggo. Me at 25 weeks...which is now!

In addition to that, we've been speaking at many area (and not so area!) churches and have enjoyed sharing our hearts and the heart and vision of Overland Missions with our supporters and others. We've had a great time so far with friends and family and are looking forward to our Florida trip next week. See ya soon Mom!