Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Crazy Kiddo's

One thing I am sure of is that you CANNOT visit Africa without absolutely falling in love with the children here. Each morning as I make my way out of the house to start the day I am greeted by 30 voices singing “Jacob and Jessi…Jacob and Jessi” or “Jacob come get [insert any one of the 54 kids here at the orphanage]. I can’t help but grin from ear to ear when Pezo, one of the four year olds, sees me every day and acts like we’ve been separated for years as she sprints, arms wide open and dives into my open arms (I’m convinced that if I didn’t open my arms and catch her she would get seriously injured!) Then you have some of the two year olds who are still struggling with english that greet me every day with “HEY! I get you…” Then they all run from me terrified of the big, white makua (white man) coming after them.
My major soft spot; however, has come in the form of the tiniest little one in the orphanage. She arrived on the farm the day before we arrived and within a few weeks she was placed in our house as an “emergency baby” after one had died just a week prior of similar complications. Her name is Mukansunda (which means Mrs. Sunday in Tonga…because she was born on a Sunday). She came in, literally with the face of death (eyes sunk in…cheek bones sticking out…absolutely without life…not enough strength to move…she looked like a small newborn and she was 8 months old. Within a few days at our place she was looking like a new child. Gaining weight, an occasional smile, picking things up with her little fingers…what a miracle it was to see! 3 months later and Mukansunda is a force to be reckoned with! She is a toy stealin’, speed crawlin’, loud talkin’ little girl (although still the smallest) with a talent for mimicking just about anything I do…The picture I supplied above is a major rarity…the little thing will not sleep unless lights are off and she is in her crib, but I finally wore her out one day and she zonked out on my chest.
If anything in Africa is to be held responsible for stealing my heart – it begins with these little ones. Thinking about the fact that these 54 vibrant, beautiful, smart, unique, and lovely children would all be dead in the bush – having had no one loving on them – absolutely paralyzes me. The face of God is in every one of these and it doesn’t take long to see. Even as I sit here writing this I can hear some of them singing “Blessed Be the Lord our God of Zambia from everlasting to everlasting!” I'm headed out to play for awhile! Peace...


Mom said...

OH I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!! Just seeing that makes my heart sing! What a sweet little thing Sunda is... hope you will kiss her for me! Miss and love you-

Dad said...

Wow...what an awesome article! and the picture of Mukansunda looks awesome...especially compared to the DVD of her when you first got her and started taking care of her at your home! So glad the New Year is starting off with such a neat story about the beautiful kids. The TV has been constant about Oprah building a new school in southern Africa for 50 some yng ladies in middle school. It was very nice of Oprah to spend her money ($40 million) on the gorgeous campus for the girls! Bet you guys could do so much there with $40 million, eh? Love you and thank you for such a nice blessing of being able to keep up with some of your experiences. Dad

Beth said...

apostrophe police! apostrophe police!!

--ok, i can't NOT comment on that entry. how sweet. i love reading all of your updates; thanks for being faithful with them.

much love to you and jessi!

Mom and Dad said...

Hi guys,
We have been giving print outs of this write up to several people and they LOVE it!!! Toni Shute(Paesano), Diane Higgins made copies to give to others. Grandma Moninger is taking her copy around to everyone. It is so nice for them to see what you are doing there, a world away. God bless you both--we pray for you always.
Love you,
Mom and Dad

Weirton stepmom said...

I love the article and picture. Every time I look at the picture it brings a smile to my face. You look pretty comfortable holding her-I wonder who wore who out tho? You also look pretty attached to Mukansunda, I can't help but wonder if maybe she might be paying a visit to America in June with you. That white Makua's hand on her back shows how tiny she is, but she looks so healthy. The children are surely Blessed having you and Jessi caring and loving on them! And of course you are Blessed by being chosen to do so! And....thanks for Blessing us with your writings and pictures! Love you , Becki

Brent & Abigail said...

I gotta join in on the "comment party!" Abigail & I are so happy we got a hold of your blogspot. Thanks for sending the address! What you guys are doing is such a blessing to so many people. Not only yourselves and the kids you are giving life to, but also people back home like us! blessings and keep the postings coming.

CC Carothers said...

Hey Jake and Jess! Leisa Bonner gave me your site address. I hope you don't mind. It was a real blessing to read your words and know things are well with you. May God continue you to bless you both in wonderful Zambia. I miss Africa and you both. Hope to visit you soon.

PS: Sorry I missed your was terrible of me. I owe you a present

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob and Jessi,

My name is Mike Donohue. I am on the fair board with your Dad. He put me onto your site. What an experience to read about your work. Your two are braver than I. The culture differance must be something. I always wondered about the missionaries day to day life. Now I get to see and read first hand. God bless you two for your dedicated work.


Barb said...

Jacob...ran into your dad out at Bethany College and asked how you were doing and he told me aobut this site... it's wonderful to be about to read about how you and jessi are doing what God has called you both to do. You and Jessi are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

In Him We Serve,

Mom and Dad said...

Waiting on a new blog!!! We look forward to reading them--know you are very busy, though!! We miss and love you both
Hugs and kisses to the little ones-
Mom and Dad