Friday, May 11, 2007


Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a year ago that Jessi and I landed here in Africa and began this journey. So many things have changed in our lives - God has shown us so much and has truly been our Great Enabler! I was just thinking about how many simple things have changed for our vocabulary. Being exposed to soo many different cultures and people forces you to take on new words in your vocab. Here are a few I can think of off hand.

cheers mate - a term that means "thanks friend" or "good seeing you buddy"
"See you later." "Cheers mate."

lemon - a term used for someone who has a habit of doing unintelligent things
"Did you see that guy wrestling the gator...he's a complete lemon man!"

just now - a term that means you want something in a couple minutes, but can do without it for now
"Do you want some mashed potatoes?" "I'll have some just now."

now now - a term that means in a few minutes, hours or days (very descriptive, huh?)
"Is the food coming soon?" "'s coming now now."

oaks - a term describing a group of people you either don't know well or don't like
"Ah, you can get those tires from the oaks at AutoWorld."

a bit ok - a response to "how are you?" that usually means your are doing very well, but sometimes can mean you are recovering from an accident

chips - the name for french fries

cozies - bathing suits

mozi spray - mosquito spray

buggard - something that is completely and utterly messed up
"That raditor is buggard mate."

That takes care of just a few of the new phrases we have picked up if you don't understand us when we return just look to this list and it should help you! haha...

On another note we just want to take some time to thank all of you who have been taking this journey with us. We've loved reading the posts on the blogs, the e-mails, receiving mail and getting phone calls. We treasure all of you so much and we thank God that we have such an amazing support group at home. We really do love you and we're looking forward to continuing this journey as God leads us.


Anonymous said...

HEY!!! Thank you for the new blog!!! It is so funny to read the definitions of those words!!! Counting the days till you come home!! We miss you both so much!! Hope you have a great weekend!
Love you

Andrew said...

hey...I really miss you two! I have been reading your posts whenever they come up, and have been prayin for ya'll. I really hope ur last month there is even more awesome than the past has been for ya'll!


Paul said...

Ha. Obviously there is a lot of English influence on the colloqialisms in use there. One thing I would point out tho' is that when something's messed up it's "buggered", not buggard. I think you might want to check the etymology of that one if you want to continue using it!