Saturday, July 21, 2007

Phase Two!

Hello everyone,

I know it's been quite some time since we last blogged, but we will begin to be more consistent from here on out. We have a game plan now for the next year of our lives and we wanted to catch everyone up as to what is going on!

First, we are in the process right now of traveling to churches and speaking to individuals about financially supporting this mission. In order to live in Zambia as missionaries we have to be supported by a team of people who are committed to this vision and desire to spiritually and physically feed Africa. God has opened some awesome doors for us and He has been so faithful to begin bringing in the funds that we need. We still have some Sundays open in September so if anyone reads this that would like us to visit your home or church please get ahold of us at or call at 304-479-1632.

Secondly, Jessi and I will be heading back to Zambia, Africa under Sons of Thunder in late September. We will be focusing completely on ministry in the bush so we are very excited to get moving with this vision. As we said before, we will be living with the Zambians in their villages for a month at a time in order to disciple them through relationship. It's our heart that we can best minister to them by coming alongside of them and teach them the ways of Christ through everyday life. We will be living in a tent and teaching them not only the word of God, but also irrigation techniques, hygiene, how to take care of finances, etc. We are believing God for complete community transformation because we serve a God who is involved in EVERY aspect of our lives and wants to influence every aspect.

Third, we have moved forward with adopting Mukansunda (the little girl we took care of during our first year in Zambia). We are going through the home study here in the States right now and when we arrive in Zambia we will begin the adoption process. God willing, it will be finished sometime during the first part of January. Please keep this in your prayers as the adoption process can be very difficult in Zambia. We are very excited about beginning our family!

Last, we are looking at the best possible time to apply for an Advanced Missions Training that takes place just an hour from the farm in Zambia. It entails training in bible courses, diesel mechanics, welding, GPS systems, off-road driving, cultural anthropology, and many other things. The training is 3 months long and so we just have to decide on the best time to move forward with that as well.

Please keep these things in prayer and please know that we thank God daily for the team of people He has brought together for us. You ALL are an integral part of this thing and we covet your prayers, encouragement, financial gifts, and attention that you have given and continue to give.

God bless you all and we will keep you posted!

Jake and Jessi


Beth said...

oh yayyyyyy for the first baby!! i could not be more excited.

Brent & Abigail said...

Thats awesome! So excited for you guys as you prepare to become parents. What a blessing for both you and the little girl.

Beth said...

you lied. you're not consistent.


:) :) :)

missss you.

Noreen said...

Hi Jake and Jessi,

I just wanted to tell you both that after your presentation at St. Joseph the Worker Christian Mother's in Weirton, there have been many wonderful comments about the work that you do! We really were touched by how dedicated you are to the Lord and your "Children" in Zambia.
I am attending our Chrisitan Mother's meeting again this Wednesday evening and I will have everyone pray for you and your adoption of little Mukansunda. I know it is a long process but the Lord has much patience with us, so as you know, we must trust in him and be patient in return for He will do what is best. You are two beautiful people and God is smiling upon you right now!
By the way, OUr son PAyton went to WVU for the first time on Friday. Sam is his RA on the 3rd floor. I found that to be very interesting. YOu have a great brother Jessi.
I did speak with your father at mass and he said he told you I wanted to go back to Zambia with you. Believe me, some day I will! I have two more children to get off to college so by 2010 I will have more freedom.
God Bless you and I pray for you.
Noreen Saxon

Heather said...

Hey, Jake and Jessi!

So I'm going to be in France until at least July 1st and Ree suggested I contact you guys to see if there would be any possibility of visiting you while I'm in the right hemisphere. I know it's truly looking ahead, but what do you think? I'd be especially interested to see if there is a place for me helping the children. I'm trying to sort out this heart of mine and God's will for my life. Thanks for your input! Good luck with everything concerning fundraising, returning to Zambia and the adoption. If you ever want a nanny/friend nearby, I'd be more than willing!

with love,

Mom and Dad said...

WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH!! We are DEFINITLY ready to be grandparents (NaNa and "Old Makua")!!! We pray God will go before you and prepare your way for the adoption and for your time in Africa!!

Mom and Dad S.

Anonymous said...

hello i miss u guys and u need to visit me before i come and visit you guys! i miss you both! love ya,
Davy Wavy

sweetsammieface said...

I'm so excited for your baby!!!!

Keep in touch kids!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, we love you all! So proud of what you do to advance the kingdom.
Jerry and Tammy