Monday, October 15, 2007

Now, I Live...not i, but Christ who lives in me

I’m sitting here right now thinking about what it is to be alive. To really live. I’m not talking about having a pulse. I’m talking about that feeling you get on Christmas morning - that “I can’t wait to live this day” feeling. I’m making a resolve this year in Africa to wake up every day with that same knowing – that each day, no, each moment is the greatest moment of my life. And why can I wake up this way? Because I have been redeemed and grafted into the family of God – my Father, King Jesus! His thoughts for us each moment are greater than the sand on the seashore. God is always up for conversation – always waiting with anticipation for His kids to draw near to Him just to love Him and be loved on. I’m done looking at every difficult situation as wasted time – God set me in this place, to be involved in this story and to effect my surroundings for His glory. I praise God for my wife. I thank God that He gave me such an unbelievable woman to share my story with. I don’t thank Him enough or let her know enough how much she is appreciated. I love sharing this journey with her. And how awesome that God’s greatest desire is love!!! That He wells up with joy when two of His kids are joined together as one in marriage because it is a foreshadowing of our ultimate union with Jesus. I feel like God is showing me how to let my heart live. Showing me how to experience that life that only those who have committed their lives to Christ can have – ABUNDANT LIFE. Satan has stolen enough of my moments and convinced me they were wasted. He is a thief and a liar.

Did you know that the heart is the most addressed subject in all of scripture? No wonder there is a great battle for who gets control of it…God or the devil. One is out to destroy our hearts and the other has gone to hell and back in order to rescue our hearts. I’m glad my God is a warrior. He fights for our hearts. He wars for us. I just want to say to all of you. WAKE UP. LIVE. LISTEN TO JESUS. He is the desire of your heart. You get right with Him and your heart comes alive. There is no other way. It’s not in a new job. Not in an affair with that beautiful woman or handsome man. It’s not around the corner after this financial problem passes. It’s in the moment you choose to acknowledge God as Sovereign and let Him have control. He has not given up on you! Read Hosea…even when we have prostituted ourselves to the world He comes to us and rescues us from the filth and says “Be mine again!” Live your life in such a way that the world has nothing to say but “I want what you have…” That’s what Jesus did. That’s what we are called to do.

I love you all and am praying for you with tears,


Heather said...

Thank you, Jacob, for the reminder to live each moment as the fullest in Christ Jesus. I needed that. Praying for you both. With love from France where I'm trying to look beyond my challenges with the language to glorify God in a foreign land too.

Mom said...

Hi kids and Sunda!! Your blogs were awesome, as usual. Very hard to imagine that these things go on in our world. Dad and I are so proud of you for living in the center of God's will and making such a difference.
Love you--
Hugs and kisses -

Tracey said...

Jessi & Jake,
I am awed by your dedication. Best wishes to you both and Sunda. No one is ever ready for the challenge of parenthood. I know you with both thrive! Please let me know if there is anything my family and I can do from WV to make your mission any more comfortable/successful.
With best wishes and much respect,
Tracey Welch