Sunday, November 4, 2007

The need for outreach in the bush!

This past Sunday we made our second outreach trip into a place called Nyawa. It is roughly two and a half hours from our farm and the only reason it takes that long is because of the road (if you want to call it that) you have to use. We had a warm greeting from the Pilgrim Wesleyan church in the area and after sharing with them our vision they were begging us to come back next week! These people had a hunger for God's word and were literally begging us to not delay on our return. We took Tom and Lena again and they did a wonderful job. Tom, as always, got them up singing and praising the Lord and shared some encouraging words with them while Lena took the children aside and made scripture memory cards for them to read while we are gone. I spoke a message on building a house for the Lord and talked about how the first process is always "digging" when you build a house. You must go down if you want to go up. Before laying a foundation you have to dig into the earth to lay the footer. This digging is represented by us exposing our lives to God and asking him to "till the ground" in our hearts until we are ready to receive His life and His nature in us. Pray that God breaks this people of Nyawa so that their hearts are prepared to receive Jesus Christ.
On the way home I was discussing with Tom about several different deep areas of the bush. Our next trip will be to Chapa Boma and this place is about as deep as you get in Zambia. Tom was telling me that the people there still break their teeth in order to resemble cattle, men still shove bones and wood through their noses and lips, and witchcraft is far more regular than in most places. People who want to travel but have no money will go to the witch doctor who will in turn perform a spell and lay a coat on the ground. The person wanting to travel will then step on the coat and "teleport to the destination". Now let me remind you that we are dealing with the physical realm here. This is spiritual warfare at a height we aren't accustomed to. You can't come here ready to fight with flesh and blood, but you must come against the authorities and principalities in the heavenly realms. (Read Ephesians 6 and 2 Cor. 10:3-6). Places like Chapa Boma follow practices where the way to determine who killed a man is to set the deceased against a tree and wait until he turns to look at the murderer. I say all of this to let you know that the light of Christ is greater than all the darkness in the world! Place after place has held these traditions and the truth of God has penetrated areas all over Zambia and led people to put their faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Please be praying for us even now as we prepare for our first trip to Chapa Boma. Pray for protection in the spiritual realm, pray for the hearts of the people to be prepared, pray that the rain hasn't completely washed out the road yet so that we can get into the area we are going. We will keep you updated as to how things are coming along. Your prayers are enabling us to make the difference. Thank you. (I've attached a picture of Sunda so you can all see how she is doing...she's enjoying her new drum!)


Mama S said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!! OH, I can't WAIT to hold that little sweetie!!! And her outfit looks so cute on her!!!
Dad and I pray for you and your "girls" always...for protection, favor with the leaders in Africa, favor with anyone having a place in the adoption procedure. We love you all so much.
We got on Tyler's blogsite and sent him an email. He sent one back to us...he just seems so lonely in Siberia (uugghh--just saying the name of that place gives me chills!!!) So glad you and Jessi are in Africa together!!!
Well, hugs and kisses to all of you!!
Love you-

LillyB said...

You have a beautiful baby!!

Amanda said...

prayin for you!!!

Brian & Brooke Barnett said...


Hiii! We so enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing what you are learning and experiencing! It really is a blessing to us.

And, we love you!


Mama S said...

Jake and Jessi--Great glad you got back safely. I was explaining your trip to one of the teachers here and they were amazed. It is hard to comprehend what goes on in places like Chabbobboma when you are so sheltered here.
We love you and miss you as we get ready for Thanksgiving.
God Bless

Dad Norm said...

Hey guys...that was some trip...not exactly a social visit to another state like we do here in the U.S. We will also pray for deliverance for the lady you mentioned. So glad to hear your tent came in and hope it will keep out scorpions and snakes, etc. along with your angels protecting, etc. You guys are working them overtime. You did not leave a place 4 coments in the above story so we had to comment here. BHS principal is wanting pics of orphanage, farm, etc. and they will set up a display at bhs of your work there. We love you guys and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Love Dad S.