Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Survived Without My Husband...Part I

Jake arrives back in Zambia tomorrow! Funny, I have been saying for three weeks that Jake is visiting “home.” I’ve also been saying that I can’t wait for him to get back “home.” We had a culture class this week about “global people.” Global people are defined as people who are happiest when they are in transit between one spot and the other. They’re not quite happy when they are in their home culture, Culture A, because they’re thinking about what they’re missing in Culture B. Yet, when they are in Culture B, they are missing the people and the opportunities of Culture A. Clear as mud? Anyway, as much as I am always seeking to be content regardless of my situation...that definition of a global person is pretty true. However, for the three weeks that Jacob has been visiting the States while Sunda and I are here, I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out on anything at all. My time here at Overland, attending the Missions Training Courses, has been so rich in experience and joy that I am grateful for being here instead of being home. I can’t wait to see what the rest of these months have to offer. And I am convinced that our time in the States after this training is all over will be even richer because of the hard work that we’ve put in here, waiting for it.

Speaking of waiting for it, I find that the longer I’m here in Zambia, the more a part of me belongs here. A huge part of me identifies with the people and understands, just a bit at a time, the culture and the mindset. I long more for my family and my friends, but less for the land that I used to be so attached to. Less for the things that I thought I would always miss...bottomless sodas, Target, convenience in all forms. People say that in being a missionary, you go through the same stages that people in grief go through. Starting with denial, ending in acceptance. I don’t know exactly where I am along that spectrum. But I think I’m getting closer to that acceptance bit by bit.

Besides all that, I can’t wait to get this adoption finished and get this little girl home to meet her family! I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the suitcases that Jacob is bringing with him. I’m so glad that Sunda will have little bits of everyone before she even gets to meet them.
Speaking of Sunda, she is the Overland Base darling. She charms everyone and is effectively better at memorizing names than most of the adults I know. She can identify most of the 35 people living on the base right now, and greets them all regularly. Life has been pretty crazy around here with me in school and Dad at home. But she has proven her flexibility and adaptability yet again and coped marvelously. Her nanny is fantastic and a gigantic blessing. We are headed out into the bush this week for more outreach, and one of the older women staying on the base right now asked me with concern, “Does she go with you into the bush?” “Absolutely!” I said. “She’s the best evangelism tool that ever was.” She’s a true missionary child who lays hands on the sick and prays, “Jesus, Jesus.” She sings and dances during worship. Now, if we could only get her to stick around for the sermon!

Just a quick update to let you know that we’re all well. Well, Jake is in the air right he’s as well as you can be crammed into a tiny airline seat!




The Mama S said...

Dear Jessi,
As usual, your blog brings me to tears. I can picture you and Sunda at Overland, her smiling and saying 'Hellyo' to everyone she meets. We loved having Jacob "home" --but we also knew that "Home" for him is where you and Sunda are...we are so glad he is back with you. We had SO MUCH fun shopping for you and the little one (although, shopping for girl clothes with Jake, Zack and Dougie was QUITE an experience...but that is a WHOLE other story (we'll talk about that later!!) We pray without ceasing about the adoption (as are MANY others) and can't wait for Sundie Lou to come home you in September so we can experience that dazzling personality that we get glimpses of on the videos.
We love and miss you all so much. Be safe
Hugs and kisses to all
Mama S

Beth said...

Thanks for the update, busy mom! As usual, I loved reading it. Can't wait for th day I meet your little girl. Love you LOTS!

Lia said...

Good for people to know.