Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Beautiful Day...

It's gray and windy outside. It feels almost bitterly cold to me, meaning that it's probably not more than 40 degrees. It's only 5 o'clock, but the whole day has been so dim that it's practically dark already.

It makes me want to stay inside, with slippers on. Drink tea and eat potato soup. I want to be able to tell Sunda, "No, it's too cold to go outside...let's stay inside and read books."

I will be sick of this in approximately 2 weeks. I will be in tears about it by Christmas and will not want to get out of bed. I will be absolutely thrilled with the perfectly sunshiney, boiling hot weather by the time I get back to Zambia. But right's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day.

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Nene and Pappy Norm said...

Having you all here makes these gloomy days seem wonderful!!! Sunda brightens up a room just with her beautiful smile and her sweet little voice!! We are so completely thrilled that you have been with us....I hate to think of you leaving to go back to Africa...but we will deal with that when the time comes. In the meantime, thank you for allowing us to bond with our beautiful grand daughter (and of course, her mama and daddy) Love you all so much!!
Nene and Pappy Norm