Thursday, January 22, 2009

A day in the life...

...of Zambian missionaries (home on furlough)

People ask Jake and I all the time: "What does a day look like for you guys?"

I sort of answered that question by posting about a day a few months back. I'll try to answer it even better as we get back and get settled into our new roles and our NEW HOUSE! Woo hoo!

But, for now, I realized that today represented very accurately what we do while we're home on furlough.

7:45- Get up and get Sunda breakfast. Do the dishes that are in the sink.

8am-While Sunda is eating breakfast, Jake and I fill out a financial questionnaire sent from our ministry. Our goal is to try and determine how much support we need to raise and ultimately trust God for.

9am-(It was a LOONNGGG questionnaire) Respond to emails from co-workers and supporters.

9:15-Speak with our insurance company about our Stateside coverage and Sunda's package.

9:30-Start breakfast for Jake and I. Jake starts laundry. Sunda plays with Uncle Cody (who is fortunately off from school today!)
Sweep and mop kitchen floor

10am- Jake and I eat breakfast and respond to more emails regarding our Zambian work permit and where we should stay in Jo-burg.

10:30-Upload 100 pictures to Walgreens for Auntie Jenn's scrapbook!

10:45-Find our immunization cards and figure out what immunizations Sunda, Jake, and I need. Get directions to the Allegheny Health Dept. and call for information. Jake folds laundry (Sweet, sweet man).

11:15-Shower. Get Sunda dressed and ready. Finish up some housework.

12pm-On the road again!

12:15-Downtown Wellsburg, State Police Office. I need to get my fingerprints taken AGAIN to try and get my teaching certification. (My fingerprints were illegible the first time and lost in the mail the second...grrrr.)

12:45-Mail out fingerprints.

1pm-Start for the Allegheny Health Department for all of our immunizations.

2pm-Arrive and park. Wait in line for endless forms. Sunda charmed the whole waiting room.

3pm-Find out that Sunda has to get FIVE shots. Poor girl.

3:30-Sunda gets her shots after eating lunch from Arby's in the waiting room. She's a champ and doesn't even get upset until the 2nd or 3rd shot.

5:00-After fighting Pittsburgh traffic, we stop to get some (much deserved) ice cream for everyone!

6:30-Arrive back to Wellsburg. Sunda makes it very clear that she is not interested in being awake. We put her to bed. I guess tomorrow will be an early day!

The rest of the evening was spent making some phone calls and writing up a description of the process of our adoption. It's been really nice to have such a nice, quiet evening!

We're not this busy everyday. But we also don't get home [from church, bible studies, or meetings] so early all the time! The truth is: Everyday is different and usually happens on the fly. Sometimes we feel like we've been really productive and other days we feel like all we've done is talk to answering machines and chase endless paper trails. As crazy as Africa is, it feels good to get back there and have a little more stability and structure in an otherwise fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants life


matthump said...

I know your experience is different than mine would be but I am interested in the description of your adoption process. I started looking into adopting a girl from ZAMBIA, 4-5 yrs old, almost two years ago. God will not let me stop thinking about Zambia.

Matt and Kerry Ann Humphrey

Jacob and Jessi Schwertfeger said...

Hi Matt and Kerry Ann,

Our email is:

If you email us, we will be glad to describe our adoption process to you.

Sheri said...

I will be in Zambia from the 13th to the 24th. I'd love to see you guys. Let me know if you get a new number when you get back to Zambia.