Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Multicolored Princess

Jake, Sunda, and I drove to Cocoa Beach from Oviedo tonight to have dinner with Phil and Sharon (our Overland Mission directors) and some other Overland friends. It was a lovely evening spent eating homemade guacamole and grilled onyx (I don't know...but I think it's from Africa-it was really good.) Sunda was SO excited to see Keiro that when told she would see him when she woke up from her nap she promptly laid her head down, closed her eyes, and fell asleep. If only that would work everyday...

As I was helping to clean up after dinner, I noticed it had been quiet for quite some time. No loud childlike noises coming from the kids' room. I walked into the bathroom to find this:

A close up:

Yesterday, when we were at Downtown Disney we saw dozens of girls walking around in princess dresses, complete with upswept hair and glittery makeup. There is a special salon that "makes over" the girls so that they can look like their favorite Disney princess. A cute idea. I don't mind quoting my mom who mentioned that some of the parents might have "more money than brains." But, the girls definitely looked adorable. On the other hand, who needs a $250 Disney Princess makeover when you can get something SO similiar in the bathroom with your six-year-old friend as the makeup/wardrobe artist? See, my daughter is simply exercising a lesson in frugality and Do-It-Yourself-ness! (A good lesson for a missionary kid anyway).

Right in line with princess behavior, Sunda has taken to screaming whenever anything resembling an insect lands in her general vicinity. Oh girlfriend. We've both got a rude awakening waiting for us as we enter back into the rainy season!

Speaking of Zambia...Behold! Our little cottage in the woods!

Yeahhhhhh!!! So exciting!!! There's even a little addition on the back that houses the bathroom and shower. Which means that the room that would've been the bathroom can now be used for a big closet or a small space for Sunda's "room" (option B being the more likely one.) This is absolutely amazing and makes the thought of life in Africa appealing even from my comfy couch in sunny Florida. Can't wait to get back there!

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Brent and Abigail said...

finally finished reading all your new posts. Love your house in africa and how amazing for sunda to have her own space. and love the makeup :)