Monday, June 7, 2010


(While in the shower together)

Sunda: Mommy, what's that lumpty-dumpty part?"
Me: Excuse me?
Sunda: This part (grabbing my upper thigh)...why is it bumpy?
Me: I wish I knew, Sunda. Ask your baby sister.


(While doing school in the house)

Sunda: Mommy, Auntie Fridah and me are the same color, but we don't look the same.
Me: That's true, Sunda.
Sunda: Me and Auntie are black and you are white.
(I put on a sad face)
Sunda: Mommy, don't worry. It's because when I came out of my mommy's belly, I went outside right away. You came out of your mommy's belly and stayed inside too much.


Sunda is obsessed with all things marriage and weddings. I think maybe she watches too many princess movies. She insists that she's "married" to her friend Keiro, but she informed me that they decided not to kiss at their wedding because that's only for Mommys and Daddys. (We had a long talk about this.) However, she must be frustrated with this decision because the other day they were watching a cartoon together, and the cartoon cats kissed.

Sunda (pointing at Keiro): See! The kitty cats kissed, but YOU won't kiss ME.


Every morning, we have a time of worship from 8:30-9am. Often we take time to pray for each other in the morning. Sunda loves to pray for people.

Her prayer for me this morning:
"Jesus, Help Mommy to have energy and to feel good, and help Kya's teeth to come in well." (SO perceptive.)

and then,
"Mommy, will you pray for me, that I won't be afraid of any giants or snakes?"

She then proceeded to pray for our friend Jamie, who's pregnant. Jamie told me that she prayed this:

"Lord, Please bless this baby and help her to come out soon. Sort her out and make her come out nice and clean."


There are a million more hilarious things that she says every day, mainly based on the fact that she doesn't miss a trick. She catches everything anyone says and often turns it around so that we are REALLY careful about what we say in front of her!


sophanne said...

This made me smile- thanks for posting!

Danielle said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Oh I love that you have written these things down- keep them coming :)

Miss you guys!

Nene said...

Jess, I was ALSO wondering what that "lumpty dumpty" thing was, but I didn't want to ask!!! LOL! Thanks, Sunda, for finding out all the info! YOU are such a BRIGHT LIGHT to us!!!!
KYA...I'm thinking your eyes might be slightly blue, with a hint of...Oh never mind...they are the MOST beautiful blue ever....can't even joke about that! Love you all