Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Africa: The Animal Kingdom

So I just wanted to brief everyone on what the animal life is like here in Zambia. Since Jess and I have been here we have seen the following animals (not in parks, but just around): baboons, hippos, elephants, eagles, snakes, monitor lizards, scorpions, frogs, killer bees, many small bugs, and i'm sure i've left out several other interesting creatures. Thus far we have several encounters (some exciting and some we'd rather forget about). Jessi has killed 2 scorpions now in our home. We have spotted that there is a family of monitor lizards living outside of our guest house (the mama is 6 foot long and these things are pretty dangerous!) I just had a swarm of killer bees fly right over my head a few days ago as they f0llowed their queen to their next hive. We have taken out 2 killer bee hives around the farm. I believe we are now at 20 kills for various snakes on the farm. Our most interesting encounter was at night when Jessi and I were on our way inside our home. A 5 foot Mozambique Spitting Cobra was going right past our door and we were able to kill it before it spit anything at us! That was a bit intense! (Jessi fed me the rocks while i tried to hone in on my old baseball skills...haha.) The picture you see is the morning after our battle. I know people always ask about animal life in Africa and so we just wanted to give you all a quick glimpse into what day-to-day animal life is like in Africa.

In Christ,
Jake and Jess