Thursday, December 14, 2006

Greetings from Africa!!!

Hello there everyone!

Jessi and I are excited to announce that we now have internet capabilities on the farm thanks to Pam Dombrosky who gave us a christmas gift that enabled us to make the purchase!!! We will now be posting messages on a weekly basis on this site, which will contain pictures/stories/info on different nationals/and we may even get different nationals to write on this as well.

We just want to let everyone know that we are doing well. It would be wonderful if there was some way to fill you in on all that has happened in the past 4 months. There's no way we could ever include everything, so we will just start from now and try to fill you in as we go!

Right now, even during a slow season, there is a lot going on on the farm! Sunday evening, I (Jessi) was hit with an AWFUL toothache unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. It had admittedly been tender for awhile and bothering me, but I didn't know what to do about it here, so I was just hoping I could hold off until we got home in May. Well, my tooth was having none of that! Sunday night and Monday was filled with, hands down, the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Any of you that have gone through this have a new empathizer! Whew! Jake made some calls and found a good dentist in Lusaka (the capital, which is about a 5 hour drive away from here), and so we set off early Tuesday morning for an emergency afternoon appointment. Really, it was the best road trip I'd ever had. By that point, I was on so much medicine I barely knew my own name! I definitely didn't feel any bumps on the pothole-filled Zambian tarmac (highway)! I was terrified to have an operation in a dirty, unprofessional office. But, of course the Lord provided. The office was lovely, the dentist was an English man who was trained in London and just happened to work out of Zimbabwe. He decided a root canal was best, and the whole thing was over in less than an hour. Praise the Lord! I have felt very little pain after that, so he must have done a great job!

The trip to Lusaka was beneficial in more ways than one. We were able to pick up the card that allows us internet access here on the farm, which is something we had been really wanting. Hands down, the best part is that we got to buy an air conditioner! Pastor Jerry told us (and Sal and Renee) that he would reimburse us for an air con. if we could find one...that was back in August! It took us this long to finally find them! I have really been suffering from lack of sleep being that the cool night breeze is 90 degrees. Last night, Jake hooked up the air con. and I slept my first night straight through and had to be woken up at 7:30 this morning. Another Praise!

Right now, Jake and I have got to go rescue a broken down farm vehicle in town (the vehicle curse continues!). Then, I've got to get out my medical books and figure out (for real) how to deliver a baby. Sal is in Lusaka and there's one on the way! Just a typical day on the farm! We are so glad that we have a way to communicate our stories to you! We hope that you enjoy reading and that it makes you feel connected. Whether you're supporting us financially, in prayer, or just by being a friend, we are thinking about you often and wishing that you could be here with us, even for a short time. We would take you to a village where we would eat nshima and chicken. Then maybe go to Victoria Falls and have tea and watch the hippos. We could visit with the sick people at the clinic, or hold the babies at the orphanage. Later, we could eat one of those cakes I've had to learn how to bake! As long as you're willing to deal with push starting cars, getting a million interruptions, and constantly brushing off insects...we'll have a great time!

We love you guys and can't wait to hear from you! As Pastor Jerry always says to us: Be blessed and be a blessing!

Love, Jacob and Jessi


WVDad said...

Hey guys,
Awesome site...wanted to be the first to post a comment and beat mom.
Love you guys and we are proud of you both.
Love, Dad

Jeannie Schwertfeger said...

WOW! THIS IS AWESOME!!! I am so glad u r finally able to let EVERYONE know how you both are doing there in Africa!! We are SO PROUD of you!
Miss and love you so much
Mom and Dad

wvstepmom said...

Wow! This site is great! A great way to keep everyone updated and save yourselves time, being so very busy. Pastor Jerry is right, you are blessed and being a blessing!
Love you both so much!

Chareen said...

Hey! your dad sent this site to my fam. who greatfully passed it on. It's great to hear how the both of you are doing, and that you are both well. It sounds amazing over there! Ryan and I just had our 2nd wedding, which was the best time in our lives! We're so sorry that you couldn't be there to share the day with us, as we were also sorry we had to miss yours.... Stupid work and school - haha. I would blame it on the 12 hr drive we would had to make also - which is pretty much nothing since ur in a diff. part of the world! but I miss and love you both dearly! Hope you post other things soon - I'll be watching! love you - Chareen and Ryan Church

Anonymous said...

HI JAKE AND JESS!! I love reading your chronicles of Africa!! I miss and love you both. Hope you have a GREAT day and that your electric comes back on--also glad u got your box of goodies--BOY that took while! LOL
Love you

Mom said...

What a beautiful affirmation!!! That he saved us and delights in us!! Hard to believe but so glad He does!! The animal write up is awesome!! Really enjoy reading them and showing my kids at school!! They are totally impressed! I love you both with my whole heart and miss you terribly!!! God Bless

Beth said...

Hey! This is great! I LOVE that you guys are blogging about your experience. And you will treasure it later, too.

PS: A 5 FOOT SNAKE? I'm sorry, but I'm probably never coming to visit.


Grandma Moninger said...

hi jacob and jessi
arent you surprised to see me on here? i just love and miss you both so much! my prayers follow you every day. first thing in the
morning and the last thing at night. i am reading and love your
website. i don't like the snakes an
the other varments. but if you can handle them more power to you.
always know i love you dearly.
grandma moninger

wvstepmom said...

What an update! The insects and animals that you deal with, the daily things that you face on the farm, things you have to deal with in order to complete each task-push starting-repairing-improvizing. And oh yes, Zesco! May you have fewer Zesco interruptions! I especially loved the note on God's heartbeat, being in his presence. And just think, in a few days-Dec. 25, we'll be celebrating the reason for that access! (along with everyday) Great days to both of you and love........Becki

Peg said...

Hi Guys! I love your new website! I really enjoyed reading all about your adventures first hand. (not that jeannie doesn't keep me informed) I am going to share this site with everyone from WMS so they can experience this also, they will love it!
I hope you have a great Christmas way over there, we sure will miss you. Please know that you will be and always are in our thoughts and prayers!
Merry Christmas and God Belss

The Hervey's said...

Jake and Jessi, Wow! What an awesome website to share with all of us back home. You are both very special and we commend you for the work of God you are doing for the people in Africa. I can't even imagine what it must be like. I am so excited about being able to hear your touching and obviously scary stories. Thanks for the wonderful giving of yourselves. God Bless you both and you are what Christmas is all about. Love you and we are proud of you! Cathy, Fred and Britney

WeVriUc said...

Jake and Jess i am soo glad to get to hear what is going on with you two. I miss both of you with my whole heart and I can't wait to come visit and see all those cool african animal kingdom animals. I will miss both of you over this holiday but will definately be in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of each other and Jess i am impressed you are learning to deliver a baby.

Norm Schwertfeger said...

Wow Jake and Jess...this is really turning out to be a great idea! People are able to log on and get a first hand glimpse of the triumphs and travails of ministering with your friends in Zambia. We love you guys and pray for God's blessing in your work at the orphanage and on the farm. Love, Dad

Chareen said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs! And way to use ur baseball skills to kill a snake. Id of just ran away - haha. Anyhow - I'm sure it won't be the same w/out snow,(not like we have any here) but I wanted to wish you both a very Merry Christmas. All your family and friends will bet thinkging of and missing you on this joyful holiday! Love you both!

Jennifer said...

Jake and Jessi
I love how you are encouraging me personally while you are thousands miles away from me..this is great!!!
I know God is doing amazing things with you.
Jessi--I have a package for you that I have been meaning to send--is there anyway I can/what is allowed to be shipped to you?!
let me know!
love you both!
Jenn T.

Jennifer said...

ps. if you have an email address then please send me your shipping address!!!!
Hsve a Merry Christmas

Mom and Dad said...

Hey, any chance you guys could catch a flight home today so you can be with us for Christmas? LOL We LOVED your newest entry--how much FUN you must have had--and what a neat way to reach people for Jesus! We all miss you, here in Wellsburg!! Just so you can get a visual; Wicket has a sweater that he has been wearing that has a Christmas tree on it. The star on the tree twinkles (battery operated)!!!! He looks very festive, but seems a little embarrassed when we put it on him! LOL!! We are going out with Zack and Cody today and will call you tomorrow (Sunday-Christmas).
We love you both so much
Mom and Dad--Zack and Cody--and, of course, Wicket (twinkle, twinkle)

WeVriUc said...

Merry christmas you two
I miss you both, love you both, and pray that u both have an amazing holiday season

Mom, Dad, Zack, Cody said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We tried to call this morning but couldn't get through. We will try again later. Hope your FIRST CHRISTMAS TOGETHER was awesome!!! We miss you and love you.
Mom, Dad, Zack and Cody

wvstepmom said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! The phone lines are busy, so just in case I don't get thru later I just wanted to tell you that I hope the newlyweds have a WONDERFUL first CHRISTMAS together as Mr.& Mrs. Jacob Schwertfeger!
Love you both, Becki

Aunt CaCa said...

Hello from aunt Caca. We miss you, avoid the snakes, and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Love you both

Aunt Caca

Mom and Dad said...

YOU TWO ARE SUCH GOOD WRITERS!! You really need to think about writing a book when you get home!! I saw Mara Watson the other day and she asked if you were keeping a journal so that you could write a book!! That would be incredible!! So many people ask about you and pray for you we can't even begin to tell you. Everyday we see someone who asks about you.
We had a nice Christmas--we all missed you both--seems so weird not to have you here sharing in that special day. Zack went to Chad's last nite and Cody is here playing his new Madden 07 football game. Dad and I got up and played handheld Yahtzee and Deal or No Deal!!
We miss you and CAN'T WAIT to see you again in May. I(Mom) already took my days off at the end of May to come to the airport AND to have a whole day home just to be with you.
Have a lovely week--- we will call u in a few days. If you need anything before, just text us.
Mom and Dad

the BEAV said...

Howdy, I will just read your stories once and a while. I dont have any very interesting, the beav mobile broke down half way to work, I thought this this is kind of nice, I need a break from work,I got another car sort of, my dad is trying to sell me his. I almost hit a deer on the way to work, it was a trophy I would have stuffed for sure. Which brings me to a question, The elephant, (I would hate to see a boogy from one, it might be a foot long), I cant imagine a elaphant hiding behind a bush.Unless it covered itself with a few bushes and did a James Bond sneak up attack. Did it make attack 'horn' sound?
The Beav

Anonymous said...

wvfriends said...
Hi Jake and Jessie, I love your blog sight even though I'm not sure what a blog is. Africa sounds beautiful and scary. Know that you are always in our prayers, Tom, Billie Jo, Zach, and Zeke Falcon

Zack said...

Hey guys! I hope that Christmas went well and that you both have a good New Years. Things have been nice back home, but it'll be good to get back to ol' Mo-town. I saw the video of the giant snake that you killed, I hope that when you guys get a chance to see Drake that you let him live... I promise, he's a good snake. Anyway, enjoy the holidays and be careful, I love you guys

john&kerrin M. said...

Hi jake&jess, Im so happy to see ur getting adjusted to that part of the world.jake I spoke to ur dad today he mentioned of ur aprox.return date.there are some irons in the fire ,we'll see what the Lord is cooking up!now that the snake is under ur feet can u cook it?Im sure jessi can cook.I hope both of u have a blessed and safe newyear. In Christ Love john&kerrin M.

Barbara Yoder said...

So glad to hear of this website. It will keep us all amused..I am so proud of both of you and know that the ministry that you give to the people of Africa is a powerful gift from God. Bless you both.
Barb Yoder

Mom and Dad said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hope yours is happy, healthy and blessed!! We love and miss you both--and are so proud of you for the work you do!!
Love on all the little ones for us!!
Mom and Dad

wvstepmom said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May the two of you have a WONDERFUL year ahead of you! I'm sure that GOD has some WONDERFUL plans for you and thru his amazing technologies, we get to share by enjoying your blogsite. I'm anxious to hear how the Zambians celebrate and what new dance you taught them! Love you both, Becki