Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day (Jake's Version)

Well it is 8:52 in the morning on December 26. Jessi and I had a wonderful Christmas Day that went pretty much as scheduled (i think this is the first time that has happened since we have been here) praise the Lord! I woke up just before 6 (i've always been an early riser on Christmas) and got her up and we were opening gifts by 10 after 6. We both got each other some fun surprises (candle making kit/new dishes/'hotel rwanda' biography/etc.) and we spent a very enjoyable morning together. At 11 we had a Christmas service in our church on the farm where Jessi led the choir in some Christmas songs and I preached. They had a big feast afterwards (goat/nshima/cabbage/rolls) and Jessi and I left to be a part of a missionaries dinner at a nearby farm. We had a very enjoyable time there and returned home where we relaxed for the rest of the evening. Now i know this is not a spectacular story, but that is the beauty of it...God gave us a wonderful, relaxing day for Christmas...with Zesco all day long in spite of the rain!!!
On another note...Saturday evening we went out to eat and right before we arrived at the restaurant in town an elephant came charging out of the bush and was inches from flipping our vehicle with his was the biggest bull elephant i've seen so far! He flung his head to catch our Land Rover and just missed was quite a moment to be in!
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with friends, family and above all, Jesus!
We love you all!
Jake and Jess
P.S. Included is a picture of our Christmas tree!