Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Things I Can't Promise-Day 4

The time that we spent in America was really good for me as a mom. It was so reassuring to be able to do things for Sunda that I secretly feel like I should be doing for her but am not able to do here because of circumstances. These things are not usually important or earth-shattering: Dinner with family on Sundays. Attending Uncle Cody's soccer games and Uncle Henry's football games. Going to the children's museum. Playing in the balls at McDonalds. (Although, you know that we just recently went to a Chuck-E-Cheese and there were no ball pits to be had? What has this world come to?)

That stuff isn't really that big a deal. But the big stuff does come up. I think about schooling and what it will take to provide her with a good education. What about activities? There isn't anywhere to take a dance class or get piano lessons. And there aren't any rec soccer leagues where they get to wear those cute little size 3T Umbro shorts.

I think about social issues. Once she gets older, will she have a hard time being in America while we're there? Judging people who don't understand the things that she understands? Will she misunderstand the things that kids her age take for granted and feel left out because she hasn't been given the opportunity to be in the "mainstream?"

I mean, I give myself perfectly good answers to the silly questions and fairly good arguments to my shallow points. But sometimes I think about the things that I'm not able to promise Sunda.

I can't promise that I'll make cupcakes to take to her soccer game.
I can't promise that we'll go to DQ after her first spelling test.
I can't promise that she'll have violin lessons and ballet class.
I can't promise that she'll be able to "fit in." everywhere that she feels like she should.

But, then I start thinking about the things that I can promise.

I can promise that her parents will always do the will of God and will do it with joy.
I can promise that she will always be involved in our ministry and will never be considered a burden, but always a pleasure.
I can promise that we will have friends of all cultures and backgrounds, and that when she doesn't fit in with anyone else, she'll fit in with them.
I can promise that she will understand how most of the world lives, and how blessed and fortunate she is to have enough food in her belly.

I can't promise that we won't have to run from a snake or two. But I can promise that she'll probably make a good baseball player from all the rocks we fling at them!

I can't promise that we'll always have cold Cokes. But I can promise that we'll never be thirsty (for very long at least.)

I can't promise that we'll always be comfortable. But I can promise that we'll always be with each other!

See, that made me feel better just writing it out. Sometimes you just gotta do that to remember how good you really have it. Count your blessings tonight that your belly is full and you are warm and healthy. I mean, I'm counting all three of those things as blessings tonight, except I might ask to just be a little cooler. ;)


sophanne said...

Jessi-girl- what would it take for you to extend your daily posting beyond ten days. They have been very beautiful and inspiring.

Beth said...

I agree. Skittles on a monthly basis? Weekly?

Brent and Abigail said...

I worry about the same things too - and we can do those things wtih Colin. And while i'm so excited to sign him up for soccer in a year (where has the time gone?!) I think the most important things we can do for our children are the things you CAN promise to her right now.

Thanks for that reminder!